Our History

Adventist Information Ministry (AIM) operates under the direction of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists®. AIM is located on the campus of Andrews University and employs Christian students as Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) caring for contacts. Seminarians, studying to be ministers of the gospel, function as chaplains offering spiritual care.

As a 24/7 ministry, AIM is the central contact center for Seventh-day Adventist® media outreach in North America. We assist the church’s evangelistic outreach by taking orders, processing requests for literature, upgrading interested persons for further studies and by referring these interests to local churches. We also assist in building relationship through outbound endeavors as well as offering the opportunity to support various evangelistic outreach agencies through donations.


In 1982, the idea for a nationwide toll-free number for ordering free offers was presented to the It Is Written ministry by Dr. Des Cummings and Dr. Robert Moon. It Is Written was soon convinced that this would tie their viewers more closely to the program and increase the response for the free offer. The concept included that of a centralized location and Adventist student labor. It Is Written soon began airing an 800 number that was serviced in the basement of the Andrews University Administration Building. The phones were staffed around the clock by a group of students who took orders, prayed, and answered Bible questions for It Is Written viewers around the U.S.


As the call volume increased from year to year, Adventist Information Ministry (AIM) found it prudent to move 800 number trunk lines to a Northern Telecom phone switch with T-1 lines, thus moving both AIM and the University into the world of advanced telephone technology.

In 1994, a need presented to us by a client precipitated the expansion of our services into the outgoing fund raising calls area. Once again It Is Written was instrumental in developing a new service that has benefited many church ministries in various outgoing capacities for the past 15+ years.


In August of 1998, we advanced our telephone capabilities and moved into the age of telephony. We purchased a new phone system, which enabled us to obtain caller ID information, which has helped AIM operators be able to spend more time ministering to callers as opposed to simply collecting information. It has also allowed AIM to customize the experience that callers receive when phoning in.

Today, AIM proudly serves various organizations throughout the North American Division in many capacities. Using our call center technology we provide valuable follow-up services for television and radio programs, evangelistic crusades, nationwide disaster relief efforts, seminars, and many other activities. The Lord has richly blessed the unique ministry of AIM and all who have had the privilege of being a part of it.


Today we handle calls from every generation of society. There are some that have quick questions and others that would like a deeper explanation from our chaplains. All of our callers have different needs and we are better equipped today than ever before to answer their concerns.


In 2017 AIM launched our completely new, custom, operations CRM software. We affectionately named it “GEM” in hopes it would be representative of something precious assisting us in ministry. Many tweaks and bug fixes later, it is a robust help. Subsequent versions will provide enhanced capabilities.


2019 was significant for moving to Mitel as our multi-channel VOICE, TEXT and CHAT system. Good to migrate into current contact center technology. The younger generations seldom use the phone to talk in the traditional way. TEXT is used most often and can be added to any phone number. To augment NAD outreach web sites, CHAT will be an excellent way to connect while an interest is exploring.


2020 brought transition to AIM. Twyla Wall, who directed the ministry for 20 year, retired. Her long-time friend and colleague, Jannette Cave, previously the Operations Supervisor at AIM, became the interim director.

AIM is now proud to offer our clients digital channels for connection, in addition to our legacy phone services. Ministries can now open the floodgates and give their viewers/listeners/readers the option to chat or text for additional support or questions. Also on the rise at AIM are outbound phone services. Custom campaigns are available to help schools, churches, and ministries accomplish their fundraising and donor relations goals.