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AIM is the multi-channel contact center for Seventh-day Adventist® media outreach in the North American Division. Our main function is to process requests, sense interested persons who may be upgraded for further studies, and refer these interests to local churches. Our personality, efficiency of process, and personal care are to be a positive influence on individuals to study Scripture, surrender their hearts to Christ, and join the Seventh-day Adventist® Church.

The students and volunteers that receive calls, texts, and chats at AIM are preparing their lives for ministry by sharing God’s answers to life’s questions. Their experiences here prepare them for a lifetime of witness, and in many cases for a life’s work as pastors and evangelists.

AIM is excited to offer student employment positions on two Adventist universities in North America, Andrews University and Walla Walla University.

Please select the university you are a part of to continue.

Andrews University
Walla Walla University

Full Time Positions

Please read the full job descriptions below and apply for your position of choice.
Before beginning the application, please take the time to gather employer and reference information before you begin. Once you leave the application, your data is not stored and cannot be retrieved at a later session.

Digital Relationship Manager – Full Time

The Digital Relationship Manager will coordinate the public digital evangelism engagement efforts of AIM and the North American Division. They will be responsible to coordinate campaign responses and…

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