Digital Relationship Manager – Full Time


The Adventist Information Ministry (AIM) is a service ministry of the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (NAD). AIM is the epicenter of interest management for the NAD, focusing on digital evangelism, interest tracking, connecting media ministry interests to the local church. AIM facilitates, empowers, and supports digital small group Bible studies, online communities, and digital evangelism. AIM serves as Customer Service Management that links all institutions, departments, social media platforms, and digital ministries with the goal of tracking and ministering to people we encounter in the digital space.

The Digital Relationship Manager participates in AIM’s soul-winning experience and upholds the mission and objectives of AIM. This individual will coordinate the public digital evangelism engagement efforts of AIM and the North American Division. They will be responsible to coordinate campaign responses and connections on public facing websites, ensuring that the Ministry Specialists have the information needed to interact with the public. This position requires long-term commitment and stability.


Berrien Springs, MI USA


Digital Relationship Manager is responsible for leading and training the team responding to the individual reaching out to the church on digital platforms in accordance with NAD policy and objectives. Work is performed independently and with limited supervision. Responsible to the AIM Director.


  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the Immediate Response Team who cares for the questions and responses coming it from chat, social media, and other digital platforms.
  • Ensure students are trained and ready to respond to the requests and questions.
  • Regularly interface with internal NAD clients to setup projects, lead projects, and ensure AIM has the information needed to knowledgeably respond to visitors questions about NAD services, events, and views.
  • Work with the Assistant Director for Pastoral Care make sure Ministry Specialists have the knowledge to answer questions and care for interests
  • Participates with director and administrative staff in strategic planning and implementation of new procedures
  • Willingness to work a flexible schedule, including some weekends.
  • Has ability to communicate and make presentations through all levels of the organization
  • Able to travel to assist with training and promotion through-out the Division
  • Assists in planning and attend AlM-sponsored training and social events
  • Participates in self-improvement leadership training activities on a regular basis
  • Performs other functions as deemed necessary by Director


Bachelor’s (BA/BS) degree or equivalent experience. Experience working in an educational setting, overseeing student workers, leadership experience is a plus.


Knowledge and skill in appropriate methods of dealing with human behavior in various circumstances. Advanced command of language skills including proficiency in verbal and written communication. Ability to perform administrative functions; develop long and short-term plans and programs to effectively evaluate work accomplishments; establish and maintain effective relationships with internal/external personnel. Must possess advanced ability to effectively present facts and recommendations in oral or written form.


Contact with church leaders, outside organizations and lay persons. Must possess advanced interpersonal skills and project and professional Christian image.


Must be able to read, hear and speak English clearly and effectively communicate both orally and in writing. Some local/long-distance travel may be required. Some standing, walking, bending, kneeling, etc. required. Should be able to lift and handle objects typically found in the office environment.